Guest: KC Orcutt, Struggle Words Trivia, #SayHerName Tiarah Poyau, Slave School, New White Rappers, Marquis Dixon | Beat*Shot Radio Takeover 09-13-2016


Tonight (09/13/16 @ 9pm) we’re back for Beat*Shot Radio’s Live Takeover! Discussion topics will include:

★Special Guest: Black Entertainment Television journalist and Zooey Deschanel impersonator, KC Orcutt joins us to talk about interviewing celebrities and what it’s like being a white girl in Hip-Hop media.
★Struggle Words Trivia!: We say an outdated word or phrase, and provide multiple choice definitions for you to struggle with. Tweet your answers to #StruggleWords @BeatShotRadio.
★Slave School: #Georgetown University, which was built by slaves, is now offering the descendants of those slaves ‘preferential treatment’ in its admission process. We discuss.
★Hot For Teacher: Photos of an Atlanta teacher recently went viral due to her conventional attractiveness. We attentively stare at the photos for 20 solid minutes, while our listeners privately discuss body shaming and double standards, or whatever.
★White Rappers Revisited: The NY Times recently released an article criticizing the latest wave of white rappers—such as G-Eazy, Mike Stud, and Lil’ Dicky. Those are their real names, ya’ll. We discuss. Extra credit: Read the article entitled “Clear Of A Black Planet.”
★Pop-Up Shows: A secret concert gets announced one hour before it starts, and fans scramble across the city to attend. We discuss the pros on cons of this guerilla style performance art.
★Deadly Masculinity: A Black woman by the name of Tiarah Poyau was recently shot and killed for telling a man to stop grinding on her at a NY festival. We #SayHerName, and discuss how all men are ultimately responsible for her death, particularly Black men who do not defend Black women—an occurrence that happens frequently within our own city.
★Friday Morning Turn Up: This Friday morning (9/16) we’re asking folks to #PackTheCourt for Marquis Dixon—a local 16 year old who was charged, convicted, and sentenced to 9 years in maximum security prison for stealing sneakers. Details at #ReleaseMarquis