Racist Club Owners, Children As Propaganda, Petty Revolution, Ryan Lochte’s Lies, Paid To Learn | Beat*Shot Radio Takeover 08-23-2016


Beat*Shot Radio Takeover airs live on beatshotradio.com every Tuesday night at 9PM EST. Discussion topics include:

★The Power Of Petty: In 1865, freed slave Jourdan Anderson wrote a patently sarcastic letter to his former owner after being asked to return to work (you should read it). It’s an example of “slave humor” that predates Black Twitter by 145 years. We discuss “petty” as a revolutionary act.
★COPaganda: The Albany Police Department continues their aggressive PR campaign, wherein Black children serve as photo props to mask systemic abuse and police killings in the area. We berate.
★Book Earning: School is hard work, and in most states it’s a requirement that children attend an institution of learning. Which begs the question, “Should kids get paid wages to attend school?” We discuss.
★NEWstalgia: From the #SoGoneChallenge to the #RunningManChallenge, several viral internet sensations have rebooted 90’s jams. We explore the appeal and share some criticisms.
★Raising Monsters: According to TEN Gallup polls over the past 60 years, if Americans could only have one child, they’d rather it be a boy—and by a large margin. We discuss.
★Ban Hammer: Masai got banned from Facebook… yet again. This time for exposing local racist club owner, Chris Pratt. #FreeDaHomieMasai
★Lochted Out: Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte lost all of his sponsorship deals after lying about his true hair color, or something. We discuss.