Guest: Playwright Peyton J. Harrison, Poet RoseMarie Andrews, Dead Racehorses, Police In Black Spaces, The Olympics | Beat*Shot Radio Takeover 08-09-2016


Beat*Shot Radio Takeover airs live on every Tuesday night at 9PM EST. Discussion topics include:

★Special Guest: Playwright Peyton J. Harrison sits down to discuss her upcoming Madison Theatre release of “The Men Chronicles”!
★Special Host: Writer, educator, and PurseBar™ owner, RoseMarie stops by to keep her incredibly good looking brother, Masai, in check.
★Special Olympics: What happens when you want to smash the State, but LOVE competitive beach volleyball? We discuss how to root for the #Olympics in a country that hates you.
★Horsin’ Around: At least 9 horses have been euthanized at the #Saratoga Race Course this summer. We’re pretty sure we can pin this on white privilege.
★In Particular: We discuss this year’s Blackfest and why police presence will always equate to abuse and trauma in Black spaces.
★Suicide Squad: Did DC breathe life into their failing cinematic universe, or was Suicide Squad the proverbial nail in the coffin? (Hint: The movie is called SUICIDE Squad)
★We Need This: Got an idea for an invention or digital feature that needs to happen asap? Plausible or far-fetched, tweet yours to @BeatShotRadio #WeNeedThis. (Example: A dresser that can fold clothes #WeNeedThis!)