Special Guest: Poet Daniel Summerhill, Baby Hacks, Schuyler Flatts Slave Burial, Longest Lines, Survival Trivia | Beat*Shot Radio Takeover 06-21-2016


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★Special Guests: Daniel Summerhill dishes on his new book of poetry, Crafted, as well as his plans to tour Europe.
★Baby Hacks: Two of tonight’s panelists have new offspring. They share some baby life hacks that help them get by. Tweet your baby life hack to @BeatShotRadio #BabyHacks (No more condom pictures, please).
★The Remains Of The Day: The remains of 14 persons of African descent, once owned by the notorious Phillip Schuyler, were re-buried this past Saturday during a ceremony at St. Agnes Cemetery. Beat*Shot Radio co-founder, JB!!, served as one of the pallbearers. We discuss.
★Reap What You Sew: We reveal instances where gender roles have denied us the know-how to perform simple tasks—like sew on buttons or know what a duvet cover is.
★Festival Follies!: We reveal the line-up for the 2016 8th Annual Beat*Shot Music Festival! (July 7-9). Get your tickets today at www.beatshotmusic.com
★Survival Trivia: Vital information relate to surviving in remote locations, now in trivia form! Put your vast knowledge of post-apocalyptic survival movies to the test.
★Longest Lines: What’s the longest you’ve ever stood in line, and why? We discuss. Tweet yours to #LongestLines @BeatShotRadio.

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