Guest: Jordan Hill & DJ Playground, Lion Suicide, First Date Questions, Shoplifting, Bad Boy Reunion | Beat*Shot Radio Takeover 05-24-2016


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★Special Guests: Cigar expert and car connoisseur DJ Playground stops by so we can put some well-deserved respek on his name. Also, Jordan Hill of WCDB!
★Suicide By Lion: Last week a man attempted to commit suicide by jumping into a lion pit at a Chilean zoo. The man survived, but zoo protocol led to both lions being shot and killed. Did the zoo make the right call? We discuss.
★First Date Q & A: Now that cuffing season is over, we ask and answer some thought provoking first date questions.
★Best Worst Films: We confess some of our cinematic guilty pleasures for your bemusement. Tweet your favorite terrible films to #BestWorst @BeatShotRadio
★Resist-y Business: Louisiana is set to pass a law making police officers (who are disproportionately straight, white males) a protected class covered by hate crime legislation. As police receive more societal protections, we examine the real world dangers of filming police, resisting police abuse, and exercising our rights within a police state.
★Booster Seat: We incriminate ourselves on live radio by swapping our best #shoplifting stories. Got a one you’d like to share? Tweet it to @BeatShotRadio #BoosterSeat
★Take That, Take That: Many thought sold-out national reunion tours were for rock bands until Diddy and the Family successfully kicked off their critically acclaimed Bad Boy Reunion Tour last week. Has nostalgia finally caught up with middle age hip-hop fans’ bank accounts?

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