Curvention, Big Girl Trivia, Body Positivity, Bicycles, NYS Primary, Munchies | Beat*Shot Radio Takeover 04-19-2016


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★Special Guests: Curvention coordinators Akeba Bin Ladin, Miss Bliss, & Shauntay aka SoulFlower! We discuss the upcoming @Curvention Showcase (4/23/16) and why it’s important to appreciate your body at all sizes.
★Big Girl Trivia!: We reached out to thickness expert and Curvention alumna RoseMarie Andrews for some big girl inspired trivia! Do you have what it takes to put fries with that shake? #BigGirlTrivia
★The Fats Of Life: We examine the difference between fat acceptance and promoting obesity, and attempt to dismantle some common misconceptions related to body positivity.
★Life After Heft: A study by University College in London found that 52% of individuals who lost a significant amount of weight experienced depression related to that loss. For many individuals much, of their identity is tied to their body and appearance, so we examine the mental health benefits and risks tied to losing weight.
★Love Buffet: Dating for BBWs can be particularly tricky. We examine some of the reasons why.
★I Want To Ride My Bicycle: According to a report from, bicycle use among African Americans is growing 5X faster than that of their white counterparts. But Black folks are still far less likely to own or operate bikes in the US. We discuss why, and trade bicycle stories until the wheels fall off.
★Happy Birthday Stephen Struss!: Yesterday was his birthday, but he’ll be accepting birthday shoutouts all week!
★Primary Colors: Today is the NYS primary election (did you vote?). We discuss the results, as well as the pandering and rhetoric among the remaining candidates.
★The Munchies: Tomorrow is 4/20! Tweet us your favorite snacks for those post toke cravings. @BeatShotRadio #BeatShotMunchies

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