Special Guest: Amani O+ Discusses Her Trip To Cuba, Justice Scalia, Kendrick And The Grammys, Pirating Media | Beat*Shot Radio Takeover 02-16-2016


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Read more about Amani's trip to cuba at visionarynotescoach.com

★Special Guest: Poet/activist/stardust Amani O+ sits down to discuss her recent solidarity expedition to Cuba!
★Stage Fright: Yesterday’s Grammy Award ceremony had many impressive live performances, but awards are reserved solely for studio recordings. We discuss which artists shine in the studio but don’t always bring that magic to the stage—and vice versa.
★Be Alright: Kendrick pulled a Beyoncé and got in formation at the Grammys. We examine the pros and more pros of Black empowerment taking center stage in America.
★Fauxtesting: We talk today’s puny anti-Beyoncé protest in NYC and why anyone who participated is a cotton headed ninny muggins.
★A Pirate’s Life: Why don’t we like paying for movies, music, apps, and all variety of digital media? We discuss.
★Deadfool: We alleviate any guilt related to celebrating the death of Supreme Court Racist Antonin Scalia.
★The Life Of Kanye: Finally, Dr. West dropped his highly anticipated album. We discuss.
★Remember, you can donate individually wrapped sandwiches or portable snacks to the Homeless Action Committee @ 393 N. Pearl St., Albany.