Beating Your Kids, Final Jeopardy, Lobo’s 3rd Quarter Review, Blood Moon, Dance and Hip Hop, Near Death Experiences | Beat*Shot Radio Takeover 09-29-2015


Beat*Shot Radio Takeover airs live on every Tuesday night at 9PM EST. Discussion topics include:

★How To Beat Your Kids: 65% of Americans approve of some form of corporal punishment. Is all physical abuse equal? Does it work? Does spanking count as assault, and if so, do we care?
★Don’t Bust A Move: When and why did men in hip-hop stop dancing, and what are the implications?
★On The Brink: Radio hosts lead dangerous lives; we discuss some of our near death experiences.
★Lobo’s 3rd Quarter Review: Lo-Fi Lobo and company recap the best and worst hip-hop albums of the summer.
★Final Jeopardy!: Following the 50 year anniversary of the iconic game show, we try our hand at actual Final Jeopardy categories of yore.
★Bad Moon Rising: The thrice-in-a-lifetime super blood moon lunar eclipse was kinda, sorta cool, but can celestial anomalies really compete with Hollywood anymore?