Masai’s Triumphant Return, Fat Shaming, Skinema, Beat*Shot Music Festival | Beat*Shot Radio Takeover 07-07-2015

Beat*Shot Radio Takeover airs live on every Tuesday night at 9PM EST. Discussion topics include:

★Masai’s Triumphant Return!
★Tweet Escape Giveaway: Listeners use their creative juices to compete for a FREE 2015 BSMF 2-Day Guest Pass!
★The Fats of Life: Fat models, body shaming, weight loss surgery, gastric bypass, and the body positivity movement
★Too Soon?: We name pop culture events and you guess if they happened before or after the terror attacks of 9/11
★Skinema: When, if ever, is it ok to change the race or skin tone of established characters in cinema or literature
★Menu Script: Assuming nutrition was not an issue, if you could only eat 3 items from The Hollow Bar + Kitchen (home of the 2015 Beat*Shot Music Festival) for an entire year, what would they be?
★Discussion: The infamous Experience Machine Experiment (Google it) with a twist!
★Beat That: Highlights and embarassing moments from Beat*Shot Music Festivals of yore
★Kanye Roulette: Random Discussion about Dr. Kanye West, PHD
★Don’t Google That!: Innocent phrases you shouldn’t Google Image Search