Guests: Jacqui Williams and Amani O+, Word Association Story Time, Accountability, The Elephant In The Room, Mission Statement | Beat*Shot Radio Takeover 10-11-2016


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★Special Guests: Jacqui Williams and Amani O+ help us navigate the elephant in the room. Tweet your questions @BeatShotRadio #BSElephant
★The Elephant In The Room: ✊
★Word Association Story Time: Jacqui Williams has seen it all and done it all, so we put her on the spot to tell stories related to surprise words of our choosing.
★Beat*Shot Mission Statement: We discuss our new mission statement and codes of conduct, and invite supporters to weigh in. We also hash out what you can expect from Beat*Shot in the weeks and months ahead. #BSMission
★UnFollow The Leader: The problem with leaders, icons, and idols in social movements, and why we can’t put all our faith in the individual.
★Undeground System: This Wednesday; DJ Trumastr, Stephen Struss, Taina Asili Y La Banda Rebelde, and Underground System will be at The Hollow to make sweet sweet music. [10/12 @ 8PM]

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