Guests: Sapio Paz and Amani O+, North Dakota Pipeline, Duct Tape, Respectability Politics Part 2, All The Tears | Beat*Shot Radio Takeover 09-06-2016


Beat*Shot Radio Takeover airs live on every Tuesday night at 9PM EST. Discussion topics include:

Tonight (09/06/16 @ 9pm) we’re back for Beat*Shot Radio’s Live Takeover! Discussion topics will include:
★Special Guests: Amani O+ returns to bless us with her radical Black stardust and inspirational wisdom; and she’s joined by the ALWAYS pleasant destroyer of paradigms, activist, scholar, and online dating expert, Sapio Paz—to (among other things) expound upon last week’s local organizer beef. *grabs popcorn*
★Guest Caterer!: Nevillene from Soul Kitchen (153 South Pearl St, Albany) stops by to flex her culinary muscle and feed the Beat*Shot Radio squad. #PodcastGoals
★Duct Down Productions: Things you’ve fixed with duct tape that you’re proud of. Go! [Tweet them to @BeatShotRadio #DuctDown]
★Respectability Politics pt2: Last week we broke down respectability politics. This week we examine how they’ve impacted and continue to impact the local Black community.
★Sipping On Tears: We discuss #AllTheTears (white/light/male/ablebodied/thin/American etc) and how privilege dictates when and where you shouldn’t shed them.
★What The Hell Is Happening In North Dakota: The state and private enterprises are imposing violence on indigenous protestors in North Dakota—including using attack dogs on women on children. What the actual fuck is going on? We discuss.
★Fuck, Marry, Kill: Jesse Williams, Colin Kaepernick, Andre 3000. Tweet your answers to @BeatShotRadio #BSRFMK