Konstant33n Kaly Interview, Muhammad Ali, Jasmine Richards Conviction, Best DJs, Albany Police Harassment | Beat*Shot Radio Takeover 06-07-2016


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★Special Guests: Rapper Konstant33n Kaly and photographer Kenneth Newman stop by to shoot the breeze—aka—drink Albany Distilling Co. whiskey.
★Incomplete Sentences: Recent court decisions have caused even more Americans to question our criminal justice system. We discuss sentencing in three high profile cases: 1) Black Woman Convicted of Lynching #FreeJasmine, 2) Stanford Rapist Gets 6 Months, and 3) No Charges For Mother In Gorilla Killing At Zoo.
★Scooting While Black: The plot thickens. We give an exclusive update on a local resident whose questionable traffic stop was caught on tape, much to the chagrin of the Albany Police Department.
★That’s My DJ: @DJTGIF told us that his favorite DJ of all time is DJ Jazzy Jeff. We let our resident DJ’s weigh in on what it takes to climb to the top of the DJ pyramid.
★Float Like A Butterfly: We examine the loss of Muhammad Ali, and how his legacy risks being whitewashed before our very eyes.
★Members Only: From Wu-Tang to Ninja Turtles, we pick our favorite members from 10 classic pop culture groups and squads. 1) Wu-Tang, 2) White Boy Bands, 3) TLC, 4) Golden Girls, 5) Disney Princesses, 6) The 1992 United States Men’s Olympic Basketball Team, 7) Looney Tunes, 8) The Expendables, 9) People That Died So Far This Year, and 10) Ninja Turtles. Tweet your favorites to #MembersOnly @BeatShotRadio

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