Special Guest: Melissa Fleck, Tipped Workers, Two Tier Wage System, Street Harassment, Ted Cruz, Girl Scout Cookies | Beat*Shot Radio Takeover 03-22-2016


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★Special Guest: Activist and fair wage advocate, Melissa Fleck, discusses her work with Jay Z at ROC United! ‪#‎ItsTheROC‬‪#‎ThrowYaDiamondsUp‬
★Just The Tip: We examine America’s tipping system and its roots in slavery, and how tipping screws workers—mainly women and people of color (surprise!).
★Cooks and Jabs: In addition to rampant sexual harassment, the two tiered wage system often leads to resentment and violence in the restaurant industry. We discuss.
★Hey, Yo Ma!: Spring is here. Time for insecure men to ramp up their cat calling and street harassing. We offer some alternatives to being a horrible person, and invite listeners to share stories of street harassment that still upset them. ‪#‎StreetCreeps‬ @BeatShotRadio
★Entrée Trivia!: Using pricing from a (surprise) local restaurant chain, you guess if an entrée is over or under a given price. It’s like The Price Is Right for people who eat out way too much. Just roll with it. 
★C.R.E.A.M.: What do drug dealers, sex workers, and restaurant workers have in common? They predominantly get paid in cash. We examine the pros and cons of having fat stacks of scrilla in your pockets.
★Brussels Spouts: In response to the recent bombings in Brussels, Zodiac Killer Ted Cruz spouts off about the need to have dedicated security patrols for “Muslim neighborhoods.” We come up with cool names for the impending American Holocaust. Tweet yours to ‪#‎FourthReich‬ @BeatShotRadio
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