Guest Host: “Sexpert” Alicia Ortiz, Oregon Militia, Winter Homelessness, Polyamory, AIDS Today | Beat*Shot Radio Takeover 01-05-2016


Beat*Shot Radio Takeover airs live on every Tuesday night at 9PM EST. Discussion topics include:

★Special Guest: Musician, Community Organizer, and Sex Ed/Healthy Relationship Guru Alicia Ortiz!
★Petticoat Injunction: This week, when White political activists took up arms and laid siege to a federal building in Oregon, the media and law enforcement strapped on their kid gloves to address it. We examine the double standard in reporting and policing civil disobedience along racial and class lines, and discuss why we shouldn’t necessarily rush to demonize the recent actions of these assholes.
★Blue Balls: New York’s Governor Cuomo has issued an executive order permitting officials to forcefully place homeless individuals into shelters during frigid temperatures—even if they refuse. We weigh in on the debate between bodily autonomy vs government intervention.
★Remix Goals: We discuss and spin our favorite hip-hop remixes that bested the originals.
★Monoga-‘meh’: Studies indicate that most married couples are involved in a non-monogamous relationship whether they know it or not. We discuss the recent boom and visibility of polyamory, and why it still doesn’t solve the problem of deciding which restaurant to go to.
★Cheese Or Font: We state a name and you have to guess if it’s a type of cheese or a font.
★AIDS Of Gray: With access to modern medicine, individuals are living well into their twilight years after being diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.  While Charlie Sheen’s recent status disclosure has brought HIV/AIDS back into the forefront of American discourse, the stigma and misinformation surrounding the illness continues to thrive.