Park Ave Fires, Grammy Trivia, The Wiz Review, Whiskey Tour, Term Limits | Beat*Shot Radio Takeover 12-8-2015


Beat*Shot Radio Takeover airs live on every Tuesday night at 9PM EST. Discussion topics include:

★Grand Wizard: White Devil’s Advocate Reviews “The Wiz Live!”
★When The Smoke Clears: Live from Park Avenue, we discuss the recent house fires in Albany and the families that have been impacted by them.
★Grammy Trivia: We go back in time and recall Grammy nominees of yore. Then we try to remember who won, and who should have won.
★Drunk History: Beat*Shot Radio recently toured the Albany Distilling Co and lived to tell about it! Did we drink more than we learned? You decide.
★Term Limitless: While the four year presidency remains the focus of many Americans, 80 members of congress have been in office since the first episode of the Simpsons aired. What gives?
★Weekly Roundup: We briefly recap all the horrible things men with badges and/or guns have done this week.
★Back To The Music Edition!: This week we’re getting back to our roots and showcasing new music and blends spun by our resident DJs – Nate Da Great & Trumastr
★Kanye Roulette: Young Yeezus is finally here, and his name is Saint West! A candid discussion of why Kanye West should continue to procreate.