Metroland Closes, Mari Matsuo Interview, #Mizzou, #FightFor15, Fuck Boys, War on Christmas | Beat*Shot Radio Takeover 11-10-2015


Beat*Shot Radio Takeover airs live on every Tuesday night at 9PM EST. Discussion topics include:

★MetroBANNED: After 38 years, Albany’s weekly Metroland magazine was seized and shut down for failure to pay taxes. We sit down with recent employee, Mari Matsuo , and examine what exactly was going on behind the scenes.
★Brass Footballs: The President and chancellor of the University of Missouri resigned after 30 Black members of the football team refused to play until their removal. This, after the administrations failure to address blatant instances of anti-Black racism on the overwhelmingly White campus. We discuss why some people are upset with this effective peaceful protest.
★McFuck Yourself: National protests are taking place today (11/10) in the name of fare wages and #FightFor15. We examine why you should probably 1) boycott fast-food, especially today, but also forever, 2) stand in solidarity with the workers, and 3) realize short changing the working poor ends up costing everybody in the end.
★Play Time Is Over: Science overwhelmingly agrees that “playing” is vital to a child’s development. So why do we punish children by forcing them to skip recess and other playful activities? We discuss.
★Smoke & Mirrors: Beginning in January, Albany Housing residents will no longer be allowed to smoke in their own homes. Should poor adults living in public housing have another restriction levied against them? Does public housing count as a “public space” (i.e. parks, etc)? What about their non-smoking neighbors?
★You’re Whalecome: In response to public backlash stemming from the documentary “Black Fish,” SeaWorld is finally ending it’s Orca shows. What took so long? And what does this mean for whale unemployment rates?
★Fuck Boy Season: We examine what constitutes being a “fuck boy” and how they’re ruining it for everybody (but mainly for women).
★Apology Not Accepted: Week after week celebrities and political figures fail at apologizing for their public gaffes. We do some roleplaying and break down the components of a good apology. And we offer an apology for a mistake we made on our own show earlier this month.
★Armed For Battle!: We arm our listeners with everything they’ll need to get a jump start on this year’s “War on Christmas.”
★Def Perception: Leading up to this Friday’s release party for JB!!’s highly anticipated album Def Perception at Ship’s Pub, we discuss the album process, and spin some exclusive tracks and snippets (advance tickets available at