Halloween Edition!, Candy Etiquette, Black Face Costumes, School Assault, Genetic Treats, Boycotting Black Friday | Beat*Shot Radio Takeover 10-27-2015

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★Halloween Edition! With Ghostly Guest: DJ Wizzy Hoffa!
★Schoolhouse Of Horrors: A White South Carolina police officer is caught on film ripping a calmly seated Black teen girl from her desk before slamming her to the ground. When there is no immediate threat of physical harm, should police officers be permitted to assault defiant children? The answers is fucking “no,” but we’ll discuss anyway.
★Genetic Treats: Can you roll your tongue? Wiggle your ears? There are certain things that some people just can’t do, no matter how hard they try. We examine why, and compete to see who can complete the most bodily tasks.
★Candy Etiquette: Do some trick or treaters deserve candy while others do not? Does an individuals age or lack of costume automatically preclude them from grabbing those goodies?
★Color Me Surprised: This week a White Alabama elementary school teacher posted a Halloween photo of himself in blackface. Why do White people still do this? Is it wrong to throw bricks at them? We discuss.
★Trick or Trout: As animal species become more endangered, photos of them in the wild become more valuable. But humans have even figured out a way to make photographing animals harmful to their existence. What the hell?
★Blacking Out: Black Friday is coming up. Many members of the Black community are once again calling for a boycott of business as usual, until America acknowledges and addresses the historical and present circumstances impacting Black lives. Can this strategy work, or is it too little, too late?
★Criminal Costumes: Sometimes your costume is so good you get arrested. We take a look at costumes that have landed people behind bars.
★Boys and Ghouls: As the “slutty” vs “non-slutty” costume debate rages on for grown women, child costumes are getting caught in the crossfire. Are skimpy “girl” variations of costumes automatically sexualizing girls, or are we the ones doing the sexualizing? And is there a problem with having boy and girl variations of costumes for young children in the first place? We discuss.
★Don’t Google That!: Innocent phrases you shouldn’t Google Image Search