Guest Hosts: Villa Dom and Intell, White Savior Movie Trivia, Masculinity and Mass Shootings, Dave Chappelle Critique, Questionable Cures | Beat*Shot Radio Takeover 10-06-2015


Beat*Shot Radio Takeover airs live on every Tuesday night at 9PM EST. Discussion topics include:

★Special Guest: Videographer/Media Mogul/Food Snob, Intell Mosely!  Also, MC and radio personality: Villa Dom!
★Crimes Against Infirmary: The US military just bombed an Afghan hospital killing 22 people, including three children. Doctors Without Borders is calling the attack a war crime. American media outlets won’t even call it a bombing. We discuss.
★White Savior Movie Trivia: Our least favorite Hollywood trope, now in trivia form! See if you can identify films where White protagonists save struggling non-Whites from their own ineptitude.
★Glock To School: Without using the words “gun control” or “mental health” we’ll discuss what else might be causing mass shootings—like the most recent one at Umpqua College. Hint: it rhymes with “shmashculinity.”
★Comedic License: Dave Chappelle apparently pissed off Masai at a recent show. We let him vent about it since he’s going to anyway. We also answer the age old question: Should comedians ever worry about offending people?
★What’s In A Cure?: We rehash some questionable medical cures that humans have used throughout history and share some of our own home remedies that probably don’t work.
★The Stale Prince: Will Smith just announced he’s going on a world tour with DJ Jazzy Jeff. As rappers like Will and Jay Z approach 50, are we finally going to see Rolling Stone style tours from hip-hop’s elders? Or will hip-hop fans always exhibit wavering loyalty towards aged emcees?