Jesse Williams’ Speech, Talib Kweli Beefs With White Rappers, Kanye’s Famous Video, Cultural Appropriation Music Trivia! | Beat*Shot Radio Takeover 06-28-2016


Beat*Shot Radio Takeover airs live on every Tuesday night at 9PM EST. Discussion topics include:

★Speechless: Jesse Williams breaks the internet with his impassioned and poignant speech on Black liberation, intersection, privilege, and justice at the BET Awards. We discuss
★Imitation Beef: ‪#‎TalibKweli‬ gets in a feud with a trio of white rappers over Black liberation; and ‪#‎JustinTimberlake‬ feels the wrath of Black Twitter for his tone deaf tweets regarding ‪#‎JesseWilliams‬. We discuss why statements of racial hostility and harmony can be equally problematic when coming from white artists.
★Kanye Roulette vs Don’t Google That: ‪#‎Kanye‬ West released the morbid visuals for his new single, ‪#‎Famous‬. We attempt talk ourselves through the experience.
★Reverse Racism Music Trivia: Cultural ‪#‎Appropriation‬ Edition! We spin a record backwards while listeners guess the song and the white artist shamelessly performing blackness.
★Buy Your Festival Tickets: Seriously. Buy them.‪#‎2016BSMF‬

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