Food Edition w/ Cooks: Benji, Monyette and Jamel, Tacos, Culinary Horror Stories, Scotch Shortage, Resisting Arrest | Beat*Shot Radio Takeover 03-08-2016


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★FOOD EDITION! with Special Guests: Culinary King, Benji Blanco; and Gourmet Gurus, Monyette Clark (Deborah’s Son)  & Jamel Mosely (Intell)!!
★Hot Sauce In My Bag: Tru went to Africa so we auction off items in his kitchen. Tweet your bids to @BeatShotRadio #TruBids
★#Taco Tuesday: Tacos are one of the oldest snacks from the American continents. That’s a good enough reason to have a candid discussion about tacos, while preparing tacos, and eating tacos.
★If Cooks Could Kill: Our chefs reveal times their super dope cooking skills have saved the day, and also recount some cooking horror stories beyond their control. Tweet your cooking horror stories to @BeatShotRadio #IfCooksCouldKill
★Scotchy, Scotchy, Scotch: Good scotch takes a long time to make and people are now drinking scotch faster than we can produce it. We chug scotch while discussing the 10-15 year shortage that has officially begun. (s/o to @AlbanyDistillingCo)
★Honeydew Felons: The NYPD want to make resisting arrest a felony. We reference some of the dope moms, teachers, priests, activists, and children that would be felons today, if this were the law of the land.
★Lightly Browned: The trailer for the Nina Simone biopic is officially out, and we explain why it’s leaving some folks burned.
★Kangaroo Court: There’s a solidarity demonstration at UAlbany’s farcical Student Conduct Hearing related to the #UAlbanyBusIncident. We discuss. [details at]
★Order Up!: By popular demand, Beat*Shot hoodies are back up for pre-order—and this time there’s a zip-up option! [details at]