Paris Attacks, Trip To Missouri, Receiving Compliments, Jamar Clark, Winter Movies | Beat*Shot Radio Takeover 11-17-2015


Beat*Shot Radio Takeover airs live on every Tuesday night at 9PM EST. Discussion topics include:

★Forget Paris: We discuss Billy Crystal’s 1995 romantic comedy “Forget Paris,” and also the recent terror attacks in France.
★CaliMizzou: Fresh off their trip to the University of Missouri, Trumastr and Masai recount their journey into the defacto epicenter of racial tension in the United States to #StandWithMizzou.
★Liquid Loyalty: We dropped our liquor sponsor for a new one. We explain why blood is thicker than rum.
★Props-aganda: While most enjoy it, some absolutely hate receiving compliments or praise. We examine the psychology behind this phenomenon and discuss how to acknowledge and support those with an aversion to getting props.
★Don’t Call It A Comeback: Missy Elliot’s new song/video hit harder than whoever just knocked out Ronda Rousey. Is Hip-Hop finally ready to let artists leave and come back without skipping a beat?
★Winter Cinema: We reveal our picks for the most anticipated movies coming out before New Year, and tell you what we’ve been binge watching on Netflix lately.
★Life After Def: Now that JB!!’s new album (Def Perception) is officially out, we give our first impressions and spin some brand new joints.
★Life Is A Highway: After the recent police killing of Jamar Clark (who was allegedly shot while handcuffed), 50 protestors were arrested yesterday in Minnesota for blocking I-94 in an act of civil disobedience. We discuss.