Youth Empowerment Edition!, Stephanie Miller NYS Museum Interview, Def Perception, The Word Gap, Rallies For Dontay, Pay To Play | Beat*Shot Radio Takeover 11-03-2015


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★Youth Empowerment Edition:  It’s Masai’s birthday!  We celebrate the death of his youth by discussing different ways we can empower existing young people.
★Special Guests: Stephanie Miller, Director of Youth Services NYS Museum; and Ocasio Willson, renaissance man
★Spoken Word: Science says it’s vital to a child’s long-term success that they to interact with adults, and hear as many spoken words as possible. How many words is enough? And which kids aren’t hearing them? We discuss.
★Rally Though?: After a week of local rallies and protests regarding the death of Dontay Ivy at the hands of the police, where do we stand?
★Pay To Play:  The only thing worse than being asked to perform for free, is being expected to pay for the privilege. Why we need to talk about paying to work.
★Trick or Trout: As animal species become more endangered, photos of them in the wild become more valuable. But humans have even figured out a way to make photographing animals harmful to their existence. What the hell?
★Victim To Criminal Pipeline: Maltreatment and child poverty more than double the probability that a young person will eventually engage in crime. That means the best way to stop crime is to help individuals in need. But what happens when stopping crime means helping victimized criminals?
★Obama Bans The Box: The President directs federal agencies to “ban the box” in their hiring decisions, prohibiting them from asking prospective government employees about their criminal histories on job applications. But is it enough?
★Def Perception:  Leading up to the 11/13 release party of JB!!’s highly anticipated album Def Perception at Ship’s Pub, we discuss the album process, and spin some exclusive tracks and snippets (advance tickets available at