Special Guest: PJ Katz, Dope Movie, Pookie Howser, Tai Chi, Damn Daniel, Would You Rather? | Beat*Shot Radio Takeover 02-23-2016


Beat*Shot Radio Takeover airs live on beatshotradio.com every Tuesday night at 9PM EST. Discussion topics include:

★Special Guest: Ambidextrous musician PJ Katz drops by to help us deplete our whiskey stash! (Shoutout to our sponsor, @AlbanyDistillingCo)
★Yoga For Thugs: One member of the BSR family is taking a brief sabbatical to become a master of Tai Chi. We discuss the ancient martial art and relaxation technique because, why not?
★Pookie Howser: : A Florida teen was arrested last week for posing as a doctor and even opening is own clinic. We attempt to process our feelings related to this incident.
★Would You Rather pt2: You and your squad—either adrift at sea in a large lifeboat, stranded in the desert, or survivors of plane crash on frigid mountain top. And why? Tweet answers to #SurvivalSquad @BeatShotRadio
★Wade To Order: The success of the Rated-R Deadpool film may turn the hero genre on its head. We examine the pros and cons of fans selling movies to Hollywood, instead of Hollywood selling movies to fans.
★Selling Out: From artists to activists, what does selling out mean to you?
★Netflix Movie Review: We discuss the hip-hop induced nostalgia of recent film, “Dope,” written and directed by Rick Famuyiwa, produced by Forest Whitaker, Pharrell Williams, and Sean Combs.